Silver Lining

By Ambrosia Vynne

This story is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents are either products of the authorís imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

copyright 2002 Ambrosia Vynne

I am a firm believer that through any disaster, man made or natural, there is always a small sparkle of something positive.  I had left two weeks prior to the recent disaster that hit America for a business trip.  Because of the terrorist act, I found myself stranded without a flight home.  Naturally, I was grieving with the rest of the world over the lost of so many human lives.  I was left with the disbelief that their was truly evil in the world...  EVIL in capital letters!  The disbelief was mingled with an unfocused anger, frustration and deep sadness.  I was filled with the yearning desire to reach out and touch another human being and to be touched.

I was stranded at one of the nations largest airports with numerous other frustrated travelers.  I, like so many others, needed to find an alternative way home.  So like so many of my fellow travelers I journeyed to the rental car counter inquiring on a car.  There were two business men ahead of me who were in the same predicament and who, as I listened to them, were headed in the same direction as I was.  I tapped one of the men on their shoulder and informed them that I needed to head in that same direction, and whether or not I could join them in their travels.  We came to an agreement in which I would help in the costs for both the rental, food and over night accommodations.  The vehicle they were able to obtain was a fairly large Lincoln Sedan.  We gathered maps, piled our luggage in the trunk and were off.  

The first day of our travels were uneventful.  We exchanged names and general histories.  We chatted, purposely avoiding the subject of the recent tragedy.  The travel was very enjoyable and I found both men informative and funny.  They were business men and like me, had gone away for business.  One of them, Mike, was married with two kids.  He was looking forward to seeing his family again.  The other, Larry, was single (like me), looking forward to just arriving home...  arriving safe at home.  I think that was the first and foremost thought on all our minds, but it was an unspoken thought.  It was more like a prayer.

We had arrived at the end of our first day of travels, exhausted and ready for a full night of rest.  We arrived to a small hotel and discovered that they only had one room available.  We took it.  We opened the door to a musty little room that had one large bed.  The other furnishings were minimal.  Both men looked at me and decided that I should have the bed.  I disagreed with them both.  We all needed a good nights rest and we would just have to share the bed.  Besides that, I knew I could use a little human contact.  I needed to be held and to hold someone close.  I needed to feel another human beings warmth against my fragile skin.

We took turns in the bathroom and then the inevitable arrived as we all climbed into the bed.  I chose the center position since both men felt uncomfortable sleeping next to each other.  I had pulled on a large cotton t-shirt and had slipped on a pair of panties (which was unusual for me).  I seldom wore anything to bed, preferring to feel my naked warm skin against the coolness of the sheets.  But I thought it would be best if I wore something, if the limited attire I had dressed in.  I snuggled under the blankets, very much aware that both men laid next to me like wooden statues.  They were trying their best to stay on their side of the bed, not touching either side of me.  

I really do not know when I started to tumble down into the warm embrace of sleep, but I must have been there..  at least for a while before I felt...  before I felt a hand.  I do not know whose hand it was at first, but I welcomed the touch.  I reached out with my own hand and moved his up my body, encouraging him to cup my firm soft breast.  I heard a sigh of pleasure escape from Mike.  This shocked me a little since I was partially prepared and perhaps expecting Larry.  

Mike moved his body closer to mine, not saying a word.  I felt the hardness of his arousal next to my thinly clad buttocks.  I moved my body closer to his, telling him in my reaction that I would welcome his arousal between my wet lips.  At that moment, Larry turned facing my and his hands found my chest.  I know that a look of surprised passed between him and Mike, as Larry discovered Mike's hands already kneading my breasts.  Before Larry was able to pull his hands away, I held one in my hand.  I brought his large soft hand to the front of my moist panties.  His fingers laid on the material, unsure what to do.  I pulled down the thin fabric and encouraged his fingers to explore the jungle of my thick black bush.  I knew I was wet as his fingers traveled over my tight lips finding the hole of my existence.

Larry's body pulled closer to mine and I was sandwiched between two men with stiffening eager members.  Mike had pulled up my t-shirt exposing my large breasts.  As one of his hands continued stroking the soft globe, Larry's mouth had found mine.  For a few moments we shared a deep wet kiss filled with all the emotions that had swept us into a car traveling homeward.  It was more of a desperate kiss than passionate.  A desperation to forget that EVIL existed and for a few moments...  a few hours explore the loving part of human nature...  the erotic part of people enjoying the rawness of a sexual act...  each obtaining erotic fulfillment from the other.  He mutually experiencing and touching...  and eventually the release...  tension draining from our pours and the evilness that we felt flowing in our sweet sweat!

Larry's mouth moved from my mouth and found one of my globes.  He pulled the nipple in his mouth and sucked...  his eager sucking transported him to the innocent moments of a baby sucking on his mother's nipple for sustaining nutrients.  My nipples gave no milk, but rather they provided a means of comfort that both men...  and I...  a comfort that we all desperately needed.  My panties were pulled down my legs and my t-shirt was removed.  Larry penetrated me from the front and Mike from the back.  

They both held me in their arms and I held each in mine.  It was more than just sexual...  it was a human joining...  it was humanity at its finest.  A simple need being fulfilled.  The moment spanned and each of us came in unison, the men spilling their life deep inside me.  I was filled with their hope of a new civilization.  A new fresh hope for a brighter, loving tomorrow...  a tomorrow filled with mutual understanding of different cultures, different beliefs and an acceptance that it takes all sorts of different human beings to make a success of world peace.  That world peace can not be acquired with only a single country baying a flag of colors, but rather a united front of countries fighting against the same evil aggression and oppression.

We laid in each others arms, feeling the warmth of our entwined bodies and feeling the warmth of our sexual hearts.  Somehow that small act cured the pain we were all feeling.  The next morning none of us addressed what happened the night before...  in our hearts we all knew it was right.  We climbed back into the car and started our homeward travel.  Three nights came and went...  each one was filled again with strong erotic coupling...  and each day we drove, closing the gap to home. 

Upon our homeward arrival, Larry and I exchanged information and Mike...  well, Mike agreed we would stay in touch.  In my heart I know I have met the man I will spend the rest of my life with... Larry.  I know we will date and then, when the time is right he will propose the question.  And to think that I would never have had met him or Mike, if an evil man hadn't done an evil deed...  A deed that has changed all of our lives forever...  not just the 5,000 families who lost a love one...  not just the world towers that are no longer standing in New York...  but all human beings across the many lands that make up the world we live in...  we survive in and we call home!  To think from this disaster...  I have found my one true love.  There is a silver lining to every cloud and Larry is mine...

God Bless America!