My Knight...

By Ambrosia Vynne

This story is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents are either products of the authorís imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

copyright 2002 Ambrosia Vynne

Her heart thundered as her legs carried her higher up the mountain.  She refused to look back hearing them gaining on her.  The rubbery feeling was settling down, especially in her tired legs.  She kept telling herself to move forward, but her legs wined wanting to stop.  Her chest heaved trying to catch as her lungs could hold.  She felt hallow, tired and afraid.  The terror had built inside her and finally her legs responding, propelling her into the dark forest its arms scratching her as she penetrated deeper into its dark soul.   She wished for a moment that she had wings and could spread them out, gliding up into the wind...  rising high above the forest and those who followed her.  Her mind struggled with the realization that this time...  this time she was truly in trouble and there was no knight in shinning armor out there going to rescue her this time.  This time...  she was on her own.

Her foot slipped on the leave stern floor.  She started to fall and then righted herself, leaving a little more skin behind on the rough body of the tree.   Each new step cost her body more than she had.  She desperately looked around herself, knowing that she would be unable to continue.  She needed to stop and rest.  What she needed was a good hiding place.  She stopped abruptly in a glade and looked around herself.  She saw an old rotted tree several yards away and hurried to it.  Without being concerned about spiders, or other insects that may have chosen the hallowed darkness as their home, she squeezed her self into the small opening.  She tried to calm her breathing, trying not to gag on the dead air.  Dead...  her mind struggled with the realization that something indeed had died inside the bowels of the tree.  And that something, may be close to her...  next to her...  waiting for the right moment to...

Her mind had no more time to wonder down its dark dreary path...  for real fear was approaching and approaching fast.  She heard their muffled angry voices.  "She just couldn't have disappeared"  "We had her...  we had her if you didn't spook her!"  

The boys...  the boys from school that she had trusted.  She wanted to desperately to be accepted in her new school.  These boys were the most popular and the best looking.  She was flattered when they asked her to woods after school.  She knew she would have to put out...  and that was not knew to her.  She had put out before.  She was 15 when it happened her first time.  Another popular boy and another school.  

They had first started with innocent kissing.  As he grew more confident, he moved his hands to her breasts and started to squeeze.  The squeezing felt uncomfortable at first and then something started to happen.  She started feeling warm, warm all over.  Up and down her legs something started to feel wet, hot and wanting.  She wanted something and she knew what it was.  She never kidded herself in wanting to be a "good girl".  Her mother was not a "good girl" and had closed that door of innocence for ever.  

The "good girls" assumed she was bad because of her mother.  She had heard all the stories and rumors, all of them untrue until that moment.  "What was his name..."  Her mind struggled to remember.  Harry, Henry...  something like that.  As a first encounter he was not half bad.  Once she decided she was going to let go, the moment moved forward quickly.  He placed his sweaty cold hands up her shirt and felt the skin of her breasts.  He started shaking himself and jittering and then...  wetness.  Something in him popped and he wet his pants.  It was no pee...  This stuff had a distinctive smell and she knew he had cum.  As a first encounter goes, it was not that bad...  always room for improvement.

Her mind brought her quickly back to the present.  She could here the receding footsteps.  "I think you went too far when you pulled it out."  "How was I to know she would respond like that!  Her mom will take anything!  I just assumed like mother like daughter!"

"Her mom would take anything..."  The thought lingered.  Wow...  like father like son.  Why hadn't she thought of that.  Her mom had been with this guy several months ago.  She said his "thing"...  (She never knew why her mom refused to call it by its real name...  cock, penis...  lance!  Something other than "Thing" - ah but that was her mother.  Still trying to hide under a cloak that did not have her name.)  His thing was so grouse and deformed.  She knew nothing that did that to a man...  unless he was the devil or something.  She said it looked huge and had all these open sores all over it.  The sores were oozing with red and white puss!  The son's wasn't that bad...  his didn't yet have the sores though they were close to hatching.  His only had the big disfigured bumps!  It was a shock when he pulled it out and wagged it in her face.  

She waited for what felt like an eternity.  When she could no longer hear any noise she slowly removed herself from the rotted trunk.  She peered into the whole to see if she could see what had died.  Whiteness...  bones...  She drew a quick breath in and stumbled back in surprise.  She bumped into something soft, human...  oh no...  her mind cried.  It was a trap!

She slowly turned and looked at the person.  He was young, like herself, but not one of the other boys.  She looked up into his eyes, the fear still twinkling deep inside her.  "Its okay...  its okay...  You are safe now."  Was she...  her mind argued.  This could be just a trap.  A trap!  

He got her to settle down next to her and she found herself telling bits and pieces of the tale.  He placed a warm arm around her shoulder and shooed her tears.  He was gently and sweet.  She never met a gentle and sweet guy that liked her before.  She sat there trying to catch her breath and calm her nerves.  Her tears were all gone and she felt empty.  

She looked up at the boy and their lips met.  It was not forced but something natural.  As if they had magnets in their lips and were pulled to each other.  He was far more experienced than any other boy she had been with.  He quickly removed what remained of her shirt.  His hands gently cupped her breasts and started toying with the nipple.  She was surprised when her own hands started stroking him.  

First his head of thick dark hair, and then down his back.  She pulled him closer to her needing to feel his warmth...  needing to feel his gentle strength.  He gently pulled her down to the ground with him and laid her down on the soft musty leaves.  Her young pink breasts were free of their harness and she had wiggled out of her jeans.  All that remained where her wet cotton panties.  He removed her panties and started fingering her wetness.  She felt his erection through his jeans.  She wanted it...  no matter what it looked like.  She was ready to receive.

Her hands pulled down his zipper and pulled off his pants.  He wore no under ware.  His large organ swayed in the wind.  It was perfect.  Free of foreskin and no bumps or disfiguration to speak of.   She eagerly spread her legs opening herself wide.  His first plunge was harsh, knocking the breath out of her lungs.  His next thrust was much more gentler.  

They both rode high on the winds of passion.  It was building in both of their bodies as they melted together.  She brought herself up, holding on his neck and encouraging him to deepen his thrusts.  She enjoyed the heat and the movement.  She felt her lips suck him deeper.  Her young breasts jostled and moved, bouncing freely on her lovely young chest.  They both screamed when the moment came.

He settled next to her...  She looked up over at the tree.  She had forgotten about the bones.  She curled over on her side and pointed to the tree.  "Do you know there are bones...  white old bones...  inside that tree?'

"Sure", the boy responded...  "I put them there!"