By Ambrosia Vynne

This story is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents are either products of the authorís imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

copyright 2002 Ambrosia Vynne

"Ohhh baby, yeah, yeah, get in deeper...  yeah like that...  no deeper...  I can feel your hardness swelling deep inside my wet pussy...."  She whispered on the phone.  She held the phone close to her ear, desperately trying not to laugh.  "Oh baby, I can feel you...  your hardness...  you make me so hot...  so wet...  I need your cum.  I need to feel your hot wetness spray inside me.  Baby fuck me...  fuck me hard."  She heard the guy groan as he pumped his cock harder and faster in his tight fist.  She knew from experience what the guy was doing as he ram-roded his own organ.  He probably started with something slick on his hand and then grasped and started to pump.  She knew he had his eyes closed imagining her...  or what his creative eye thought of her.  

Talking dirty was her day job.  It helped pay the bills and put her through college.  It was not something she was proud of, just something she did...  something she had to do.  She kept reminding herself... it paid the bills!  "Yeah baby...  pump me hard!  Pump me deeper.  I am touching my large tits and squeezing them.  I can feel your hardness inside me...  yeah baby yeah...  I like it when you fuck me hard and deep.  Yeah baby...  smack those balls against my hot pussy...  yeah baby yeah."  Sometimes, she felt like one of the "Beach Boys" singing yeah baby yeah.  But thoughts like that started her on the road of giggling and the last thing these guys wanted to hear was a women's giggle.  

Most of the guys who called her were desperate for attention from women.  If they only knew...  she looked around at the other women knitting or playing games as they talked dirty on the phone.  The guys were willing to pay $3.95 an hour to listen to a fat women describe herself as a small blonde with watermelons for tits!  She tried to keep her descriptions close to real, so that she would not mess up.  Her first time was a mess up.  She described her tits as being large firm globes and then during her little spiel accidentally described them as small.  The guy got a little confused and the erotic mystery was shattered.  He stopped yanking on his chain and asked "which do you have...  small or big tits...?" and then he hung up.  

Getting a hang up that early was not good.  Each girl was suppose to get the guy to hang on at least an 1/2 hour in order to get paid.  If the guy dropped off before that, the girl got black marked.  Too many black marks and the girl was let go.  Shelly, made damn sure that was her only one.  The pay was good...  too good to screw it up on a simple mistake like that!  

She looked down at the clock.  Her current caller was going on to his second hour!  She had been groaning for the last few minutes and decided to give him a little more.  "Baby...  turn me over.  I want you to take me from the backside... deep inside my dark hole."  "You want some pain?", he inquired.  "Yes, baby...  I want to feel some pain...  hot erotic pain as you take your large cock and bury it deep inside me...  Please baby...  please baby fuck me in the darkness...  shatter my body with your orgasm!"  "Anything for you....", he said.  Shelly could hear it in his voice.  He was hard again and ready for some more.  "Do you feel that baby...  does it hurt?"  "Oh yes", she replied...  "It hurts so good.  You are so deep.  You are so hard.  I love when you fuck me there.  I want to feel your cum...  Do you have any left for me?"  "Oh baby, I have more than you can possibly know...."  

Shelly started the groaning noise again.  Fake orgasms were a joke for the other ladies and they all started to make their own noises.  "Oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeahhhhh....  baby I am going to cum...  yes, yes, make it happen...  yes...  oh your hardness...  deeper yes....  yes...."  She knew the guy had just exploded.  She had heard his cum hitting the phone.  Some guys actually found that romantic.  Shelly tried her best to ignore it.  The guy hung up without saying goodbye.  Shelly was use to that.  It happened a lot.  Usually because the wife or girl friend came home!  Either way, she had made money.  Another weeks worth of rent, bills and groceries paid for and all she had to do was talk.  There were a number of girls on campus that were doing much more than talking to get their wages...  Shelly never dreamed of really spreading her long legs...  the very thought of it made her shudder.  She just couldn't do something like that...  it would be so much more humiliating then talking dirty.

She continued playing the game she started waiting for the next call.  Shelly was never really concerned about picking up a weirdo.  She had heard rumors from some of the other women, but she never had any problems.  The building had plenty of security and was well hidden.  It was not like they had the words "Phone Sex" over their front door.  They had S.T.U. over their door.  What it stood for she never knew and really, she didn't care.  All she cared about was getting her daily pay for the few hours she worked.  Making $20 an hour wasn't bad.  All she had to do was talk dirty.

Shelly yawned.  She got a little tired of waiting for the phone to ring.  She had played her second game and still the line stayed mute.  She decided it was time to call it a day.  She had made enough that day to cover her for the week.  She unplugged herself and collected her things.  She went up front and got cashed out, placing the roll of bills into her purse.  She waved goodbye and left the building.

As she walked to her car her cell phone rang.  It was one of her girlfriends wanting to know if she wanted to go to a party.  Shelly never passed up the chance to party.  Besides that, she was always horny when getting off of work.  A party enabled her to meet someone new and usually meant fresh sex.  A tumble in the hay without any strings.  The last thing Shelly wanted were strings.  She was studying to be a Doctor...  and her classes were grueling enough without adding to her misery.  Plus having a guy in her life would divert her focus and she needed to stay focused...  focused on her dream...  because only then would she achieve all that she desired.

Her girlfriends knew what she did, but she seldom told her boyfriends.  She didn't think it would be something they would understand.  

Her girlfriends met her at the party.  They had decided to wear something short and sexy!  The sexier they dressed almost guaranteed having sex!  Shelly spotted a guy immediately as her and her friends walked through the door.  He was just what she liked...  tall, blonde and sleek - like a racing car.  She liked guys that were built to have hard fast sex.  She didn't like guys with bellies (though she sometimes had to incorporate bellies inside her dirty talking).  The very idea of fucking a guy and having a large belly rub against her was revolting.  A major turn-off.  She walked across the room and caught his eye.  He walked up to her and she leaned over exposing the swell of her breasts.   Shelly knew he was interested.  She was not in the mood for small talk.  She just wanted to have something hard between her legs...  the faster the better.   She took his hand and moved it up her leg.  She felt his surprise when he realized she was not wearing anything underneath.  He looked at her and she smiled.

She saw the bulge in his pants.  He didn't have to say anything...  she was more than ready.  She took his hand and led him out of the room.  She found a vacant room upstairs with a bed.  She locked the door and then started unzipping his pants.  She pulled out more than a handful of hardness.  She knelt in front of him and took his hardness inside her mouth.  She started sucking him.  She held his hardness deep inside her throat as her tongue licked his balls.  She pumped his cock in and out feeling him stiffen with pleasure.  She rose and finished undressing him.  She pulled up her mini skirt and straddled his cock.  She started pumping him hard and deep.  "Do you like that...  I love your hard cock...ooh I love how hard you are...", she whispered.  The guy had a strange look on his face.  He looked a bit shocked.  Shelly enjoyed shocking them...  after all, she was a professional dirty talker!  

He shifted positions and laid her down on the bed.  He pulled out his hard cock and started stroking it in front of her face.  She eagerly tried to lick the tip with her tongue.  "I love when your hot tongue touches my hard cock.  I want to spray my hot juices all over you....", he said.  Shelly stiffened.  His voice...  she knew his voice.   

She couldn't believe it...  it couldn't be true.  She placed both her hands over his hardness and nestled it back inside her wet pussy.  "Pump me hard baby...  yeah baby...  hard and deep!"  "Like this...  baby...  I can feel your wetness...  your hot pussy sucking up every inch of my cock.  I can feel your hot walls closing in..."  "Yeah baby...  let me kiss your cock...  please let me suck on it for a moment more before you cum..." He pulled his hard cock from her wet hot pussy.  

He placed his cock inside her mouth once more.  She sucked on it hard looking deeply in his eyes.  She knew that this was the last guy she had spoken to.  It was his voice...  sexy and deep.  She couldn't believe that he was as hot as he had described.   She was so very horny.  The more she thought about their conversation, her pussy throbbed with desire.  He pulled his cock from her mouth and said "turn over...  I want to cause you some pain!"   "Oh baby...  your pain is my pleasure...", she replied as she turned over exposing her firm ass.  He pulled apart her butt cheeks and nestled his hard cock deep inside. 

She held the bed spread in between her teeth not wanting to express the initial pain.  She knew from previous experience, first came pain so hot and searing that it felt as if it was tearing her apart.  And then...  through the pain came the most enjoyable pleasure.  Her body started to pulse as the pleasure grew, spreading through her body.  She started moving her body to meet each one of her thrusts....  deeper and deeper his cocked moved inside her.  They both held on as their bodies orgasmed together!

"So... ", he said "you are as beautiful as you said you were!"  "Yeah...  I have gotten in trouble before when I lie...  so it is just so much easier to describe the real thing.  Umm...  can I ask you something?   Why do you call?  You can have any girl you want?"  "Because...  I can", he replied.  "Sometimes, I just need to have a girl talk dirty to me..."  "Well, I will talk dirty to you anytime...."  Shelly started explaining that after work she was so horny and needed to fuck someone...  Daren agreed that he would be more than happy to provide her with that service, as long as she talked dirty to him.   "Talking dirty is not a problem...  I am a professional!", she replied.