Back to School

By Ambrosia Vynne

This story is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents are either products of the authorís imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

copyright 2002 Ambrosia Vynne

Paula was astounded by how low she had sunk over the years.  The years of marriage to her high school sweetheart showed as tormented scares against her battered heart.  When she had left high school she had so many hopes and dreams.  Daniel had a scholarship and he was going to make something out of himself.  With him, she was going to leave the dusty little town that she was born into.  She was going to see the world and explore the delights life had to offer.

But none of that happened.  After they had married, Paula became pregnant.  With the pregnancy, all her dreams slowly were flushed down the toilet of despair.  They had remained in the little town of dust.  Daniel did not fulfill his dreams of college and a white collar world of success.  Instead he had to settle on a blue collar job working as a grease junky under old cars.  His beautiful hands became rough with black grease that had seeped under his skin over the period of years of abuse.  The child that they had struggled to keep, left them soon after it was born for the waiting arms of the lord.  But by that time...  the damage was complete.  They were both stuck in the same moor that had held their parents before them.  There was just no way out.  

As the despair settled in her heart so had it with Daniel.  Daniel spent most of his hard earned money on drinks with his buddies after work.  He seldom had anything nice to say to Paula, for she was the cause of his despair.  He should have listened to his parents and had broken it off a long long time ago.  She was the reason he was stuck in the dusty town.  She was the reason he was not out being a playboy to a world that had held so much promise...  instead here he was, almost 30 with nothing to show for his life except two swollen hands and a soar back.  

Paula had gained a few extra pounds and had run through countless jobs.  Daniel was nagging at her to acquire another.  They needed the money.  Paula was not eager to go back to the high school which held the only promise for escape.  She felt almost guilty walking down the hall to the great office, begging for a job.  But it was her last haven in the town...  the last place that may need the services she could provide.

Maxwell Franks was disappointed when he saw Paula.  He remembered the straight A student with a beautiful shapely body that had held so much promise.  She was going to make something of herself...  he wondered how that promising young women had spiraled down into the depths of disintegrated despair that stood before him.  He asked her to have a seat and talked about the opening in the cafeteria.  It did not pay much, but it was relatively easy.  

All she had to do was serve students food.  Maxwell Franks seldom took advantage of the power that his position placed in his hands.  But just this once he was going to.  While Paula had been under his guidance he had always wondered about the young body that moved under the tight dresses she liked to wear.  Though looking at this Paula, he assumed the body was not the same.  But he wanted to taste her pleasures anyway.  He moved around his large desks and stood before her chair.  

He looked down at the once beautiful women and placed his hand under her chin.  He gently pulled her face up and looked deeply in her eyes...  "There will be a price you will have to pay...  in order for you to get the job."  "Price...  Mr. Franks I have no money...  that is the reason I need work."  Without realizing that her lips were about to function without her brain knowing the results, Paula started spilling her dreams...  the thoughts that still sparkled deep inside her despair.  

"You see my marriage is not doing very well.  I know Daniel has been cheating on me and I just don't care.  I was hoping I could make some money of my own...  and maybe save enough to some how leave here."  

Maxwell was amazed that all this time... she still had dreams...  or fantasies of ever leaving the small dusty town.  He unzipped his pants and pulled out his limp long penis.  He pointed to his penis and asked her to see what she could do with it.  She first looked surprised and then stunned.  It had been a long time since any man, including Daniel had wanted anything sexual from her.  

She moved her hands down his limp shaft and then stuck the unfamiliar object into her mouth.  The memories of many passionate moments in back of cars and vans came flooding back to her.  While she was in high school she had no problems getting laid.  Actually, she was driven not only by her strong desire to escape the dusty town but by her need for sexual attention.  

She had become sexually active quite young.  Her mother told her it was perfect tool to encourage some young guy to take her away to foreign places of intrigue.  The only mistake she had made was that she fell in love...  with Daniel.  There screwing had taken a turn...  and through their love for each other they could not bear ridding themselves of the unwanted child.  After all it was a product of their mutual love.  But that love had turned soar and all they had was their disdain...

The penis felt good in her mouth as she continued to suck on it.  She rub her hands down the shaft nestling the balls with her fingers.  Maxwell looked down at the women, knowing deep within the crust of despair still laid the beautiful innocent girl he had lusted for.  He knew she could provide so much more than just a good blow job.

Maxwell belonged to a secret society of learned men that met once a week.  Their meetings were held there at the high school.  The members came from families of means.   Each man would take a different girl to spend a week with them.   Within the confines of the own homes they would enjoy the sexual delights that each girl could bring.  Some of the men ended up keeping specific girls, refusing to share them with the other members.  For this change in the rules, the men had to pay a set sum to the other members.  The society had been around for years loosing and accumulating members like a rolling stone.  

As Maxwell enjoyed the joys of Paula's tongue he was wondering how he could turn this once shining diamond back to her old self.  She would need to loose some of the extra pounds she had gained and a complete make over.  

Paula was entranced with Maxwell's penis.  She was surprised that she was unaware of how much she missed having sexual encounters with men.  For so many years she curled up on her side of the bed beside a cold block of cement that at one time made her blood boil.  She had not seen his penis for so long that she believed he may have even cut if off or left it in the bar besides one of his bimbos.  

The penis in her mouth throbbed as if communicating through Morse code with her tongue.  She started licking and sucking faster.  Her hands held his shaft steady as she plunged it deep inside her warm wet mouth.  She was careful not to run her teeth against his sensitive skin.  She wanted nothing to destroy the moment as she eagerly waited for her reward of the erotic sweet juice that only men could provide.  

Maxwell was not yet ready to allow this women to enjoy one of his orgasms.  He pulled his penis away, hiding it back in his pants.  He saw the look of hurt and dismay cover Paula's sweet face.  "No my dear...  not now...  I have something special I need to tell you, but I can not tell you here.  Besides first we need to take care of a few things."  

Paula looked at her former principal with puzzlement.  She felt like she was back in school and under his devine tutelage.  She was being punished for something...  but she couldn't place her finger on exactly what.  She knew he had enjoyed her oral attention.  She felt the pulse of his member and the shiver that had spread through his body.  So she knew it was not the sex...  she sighed with relief.  She didn't think that she could have taken that last jolt in her other wise miserable existence, knowing that she lost the ability to please a man.  

He smiled at her.  He sat down on the chair next to her and took her small hands into his.  "Are you happy with Daniel?", he inquired.  "Or are you ready to shed that weight from your life and become the butterfly I know is hidden deep within".  She looked up into his eyes and started to cry.  How could he have possibly known that she wanted to divorce Daniel. She did not have the strength to act out on her own.  She was hoping to save a few dollars and leave...  leave like a thief in the middle of the night.  To leave and go someplace far away to start a new life...  to perhaps realize her dreams.

Maxwell knew the answer even before her lips sputtered her response.  She had nothing of importance at home and could easily disappear.  But that is not what Maxwell wanted.  He wanted her to shed her old life legally so that she had nothing to fear in her new one.  

Paula was amazed how quickly she shed her old life.  When she went home and spoke to Daniel about a divorce, she was shocked by his readily agreement.  She wondered why they hadn't thought about this years before.   Why hadn't he suggested it first?  She moved around the home in a state of impatience.  She looked around herself and found very little that she wanted to take.  

She boxed up most of her clothing and called goodwill.  Where she was going, she wouldn't need much of anything...  including clothing.  The divorce took just a few weeks to finalize.  Neither party objected and neither party wanted anything from the other.  The judge signed the documents quickly and Paula left with Maxwell.  She had no home to go to...  and she no longer belonged with the man she had just divorced.  

As they were driving up the coast, Paula placed her hand into Maxwell's lap.  She wanted to express her gratitude...  her pleasure.  Maxwell allowed her to pull out his throbbing member and hold it in her hand.  To her his penis had become a talisman...  bringing her good luck.  She wanted to swallow some of the magical juice that presently laid dormant inside its long shaft.  Perhaps by drinking the nectar, her luck would triple ten folds.  Again, as his penis started to throb, just about to erupt...  he quickly put it away.  He instructed her to close her eyes, seeking a few moments of rest.  They had a long night ahead of them...  and so much to do once they arrived at their destination.

Maxwell chose not to tell her about the society as of yet.  He felt it was better to just bring her to one of the oldest and dearest members first for her initiation.  She would have to strip and they would discuss her flaws openly.  Then she would have to endure numerous probes.  As she slept, Maxwell snuck his hand down her shirt cupping one of her soft round mounds.  The softness of the flesh made his penis start to throb.  He wanted to ride his long hard shaft between the two mounds, feeling the soft skin on either side.  As he rode her she could tickle his head with her tongue.  From past experience, he knew this would cause him to shoot his hot whiteness into her face.