A Purrfect Encounter

By Ambrosia Vynne

This story is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents are either products of the authorís imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

copyright 2002 Ambrosia Vynne

It was a beautiful day for the barbeque.  It couldn't have been better.  The sun was out and warm.  The air was clear and fresh.  And every so often, without much notice, there was a gentle breeze.  It was cool enough to take the edge of the heat, but not too cool.  Just perfect.  "Just perfect," Jessica thought to herself again.  She couldn't have planned it any better.  She was so ready for a day of relaxation with friends and family.  They had been planning this day for months.  Each holding secret concerns that something would go wrong.  The weather may be bad or the day just wouldn't be...  perfect.

Jessica piled all the goodies into her car.  She had been baking for days!  That was her assignment - cookies, cakes and other yummy homemade goods.  She was pretty good at baking.  It was one of the few things she felt she was good at.  She hadn't seen some family members for years.  She knew her sister had a new husband.  Actually, it was her sixth new husband.  Her sister just couldn't hold on to a relationship.  Unlike Jessica's bad luck, her sister divorced hers.  Jessica lost her first husband in a boating accident.  And her second husband perished in a skiing accident.  After her second husband's death, she simply gave up.  She enjoyed a wonderful single life filled with friends, family and even a few boyfriends.  Speaking of which, she had to be at Howard's house in less than 10 minutes.  She shook herself out of her personal fog and climbed into the full car.  

She arrived at Howard's a few minutes late.   Howard was outside stewing.  He was not a person that should be kept waiting.  "Your late, you know."  "Yes, Howard...  I know.  I am sorry.  It was traffic.  A lot of people are getting out to enjoy the day."  "Excuses, Jessica will not improve the situation.  A promise that it will never happen again will work!"  "But Howard, how am I going to promise you it will never happen again...  I don't have crystal ball you know..."

It was an old argument that they had countless times before.  Howard firmly believed it you promised not to do something again, you wouldn't.  But Jessica knew better.  Especially with something like traffic.  She could no more control the traffic than she could anything else in her life.  But Howard had other wonderful things about him, so she didn't allow this little issue...  well more than little...  but this issue bring down the whole relationship.  Besides...  she was not planning on marrying him!

They arrived just as others drove into the parking area.  Everyone hurried from the cars and exchanged hugs of delight.  They carried the baskets of food to a designated reserved spot.  The guys were in charged of the barbequing and the women...  well they were in charge of catching up.  Jessica felt a little uncomfortable when she met her sister's sixth husband.  He looked exactly like Jessica's first love and her first husband.  He even spoke like him.  She simply couldn't take her eyes off him.  She pulled her sister down next to her wanting...  demanding an explanation.  Marsha didn't take offense with Jessica's angry voice.  She was actually expecting this reaction from her little sister.  She knew just how much her little sister loved her first husband.  She also didn't have the heart to tell her she would be soon moving on her 7th.  Gary had lost his appeal, like all her other men.  She just wasn't interested anymore in him or what he had to offer.  Sex especially was just too mushy.  She enjoyed jungle gym sex, not soft gooey lovy dovy stuff.  She looked at her sister and knew a perfect solution.  It would be like a gift.

She called over Gary and introduced her baby sister.  Jessica gapped at him and was unable to speak.  Marsha took it upon herself to explain the situation, including that she wanted a divorce.  Gary didn't seem surprised with the request for a divorce.  He was actually expecting it and a little delightful.  Jessica was shocked that her sister just so coolly explained the situation and then dropped a bomb shell.   Marsha was sometime cold and ruthless.  She didn't seem to care who she hurt or what she did.  She just said what was on her mind and let the chips lie.  

The barbeque was still perfect.  Marsha spent countless hours with Howard, enjoying his company immensely and Jessica sat with Gary.  In a way they decided to trade partners.  It was nothing new.  The sisters had changed clothing, boyfriends, and shoes just as quickly.  They were opposites that got along very well.  

Marsha took Howard home and Gary escorted Jessica.  Jessica and Gary decided they needed more time together.  Jessica gave the instructions to the local beach.  They walked in the waves sharing their life.  Jessica's hand had slipped into Gary's.  They walked hand in hand, enjoying the peacefulness of their new friendship.  How it happened, Jessica can not remember.  One moment they were waking and just talking, and the next they were lying on the sand pulling off each other's  clothing.  They smelled the muskiness of lust on each others skin.  Each having a need that needed to be filled.  Jessica needed to fill the longing of her lost love.  Gary needed to feel needed and wanted.  Marsha hadn't let him touch her for a while.  That is how he knew.  She told him early in there relationship that when she was finished with someone, the first thing to stop was the sex.  When they first met, they had sex multiple times a day.  Then it slimmed down to once a day.  Now it had been months.  He was tired of having encounters with his hand.  His hand was nothing like having this gorgeous women under him, feeling her need...  her hands caress his flesh.  Feeling the warmth between her legs.  The softness of her chest.  Caressing her skin with his hands and exploring her body with his tongue, and his lips.  There was just nothing to compare with it.  He was in paradise...  with a beautiful women that was NOT his wife.  

He just couldn't wait until his divorce was final.  Marsha had talked about Jessica.  He knew she was the perfect sister for him...  and he hoped, she felt the same way.

Feeling this man on top of her, was strange and exciting.  He didn't feel like her first husband.  He moved smoothly and had excellent timing!  He was at peace with himself and relaxed.  He was not ashamed of his nakedness.  He knew how to please a women, while achieving an orgasm for himself.  What she couldn't get her mind around was how much he looked like her first love.  It was as if he had been re-incarnated into a perfect specimen of a man...  this man...  Gary.  She repeated his name a few more times as the waves coursed over her body...  Gary!  Glory to be Gary...  she started reciting poetry in his ear as her body stirred with new desires.   

He pulled away from her sweaty body and suggested a cooling dip.  Besides he whispered...  we will have to try it in the waves...  and in the bedroom...  and in a foreign country...  and in a public place...  and in...

And they did.  When the divorce was final, Jessica broke her oath and got married for her third and last time.  This time...  this one...  she would keep forever...  simply purrfect in every way!